General Logistics Services AG provides comprehensive customs clearance solutions for both private individuals as well as for the automotive, industrial and technology sectors. We are able to provide our customers with customs clearance services at Switzerland's largest border checkpoints as well as at various terminals in the Basel region and at the Basel and Zurich airports.

Our many years of experience and our international network allows us to obtain customs clearances in both the EU and the USA. We provide special handling for personal property or special types of goods.

Our services at a glance:

  • General Swiss import clearance
  • Swiss import clearance for cars including preparation of Form 13.20
  • Clearance of personal property
  • Overseas customs clearance
  • Customs clearance of consolidated freight
  • Transit clearance
  • Clearance with ATA Carnet
  • Preparation of accompanying documentation
  • Preparation for free passage
  • Collection of special customs permits
  • Swiss exports
  • Completion of Form T-1
  • Temporary export
  • Electronic tax assessment decision (eVV) archiving / transmission with own software