General Logistics Services AG has been the Swiss market leader for car transport from the USA to Switzerland for over 15 years. Our customers include private individuals, companies, classic car clubs, auction houses, garages, car manufacturers and direct importers.

We are able to offer our customers a wide variety of options through our many years of experience in shipping cars from the USA to Switzerland. Whether by roll-on/roll-off, 20-foot container, 40-foot container, or 45-foot consolidated container.

Everything is included, from collection in the USA or Canada to final delivery in Switzerland, including customs clearance and completion of Form 13.20. Our wide range of shipping options allow our customers to put together their own transport solution according to their needs.

Personal consultation, safety and speed are our top priorities. We document the condition of each vehicle at collection, before shipping and at arrival with both a report and photographs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Consultation before vehicle purchase
  • Review of available vehicle documents before purchase
  • Collection anywhere in the USA and Canada via open or enclosed car transporter
  • Special collection services for racing cars
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection by the seller (USA), including checklist
  • Total loss / all risk shipping insurance
  • US export clearance
  • Storage of vehicles in Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston, Miami, New York and Montreal
  • Vehicle inspection including documentation at collection, before loading and upon arrival
  • Roll-on/roll-off shipping from anywhere in the USA
  • Transport to Europe in 20-foot or 40-foot standard container (over 7 destinations in Europe)
  • Transport in 45-foot high cube container (capacity for up to 4 vehicles per container) with rack loading system
  • Transport from Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston, Miami, New York, Montreal and other cities
  • Transport from Canada to Europe via roll-on/roll-off or container
  • Transport in the container directly to our terminal in Basel
  • Unloading of containers at EU ports (Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp)
  • Transport from northern ports to Switzerland in open or closed car transporter
  • Unloading of containers at our terminal in Basel
  • Swiss import clearance including Form 13.20, clearance as personal property as well as diplomatic vehicles
  • Clearance with ATA Carnet
  • Storage in Switzerland
  • PDI / vehicle prep
  • National distribution within 24 hours after placement of order, open and closed transport
  • Advice on homologation / adaptation