Taking part in a rally in California? Planning a holiday in Iceland? Or do you want to take your car along on a tour of Asia? We'll ship your car from Switzerland to wherever you want it to be, safely and efficiently.

General Logistics Services AG ships cars from Switzerland to the USA, South America, Canada, Africa, China, Central Asia, India, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the Mediterranean region and Scandinavia.

We ship via roll-on/roll-off and container. For us, no destination is too far, no port is too small!

Our services at a glance:

  • Collection in Switzerland via open or enclosed car transporter
  • Vehicle inspection including report and photographs
  • Swiss export clearance
  • Completion of Form T-1
  • Preparation for free passage
  • Total loss / all risk shipping insurance
  • Loading and securing in container
  • Worldwide roll-on/roll-off shipping
  • Worldwide container shipping
  • US import clearance
  • Temporary import to the USA